Missed the Hints



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"Missed the Hints" a poem written by Paige Mills

Tunnel vision, paralyzed
All of my memories, crystallize.
Is this real or is it a dream?
Or am I somewhere in between?

Revolving door with flowers too
Piano melodies carry me through.
Sunshine splashes on the floor,
Terrified to witness more.

Bright colors and smiles, don't settle well
I know this is a hidden hell.
A place where fairy tales demise,
A place where dreams are forced to die.
A place that hides the pain beneath
And all of your fears will come unleashed.

Every step is an eternity...
Please tell me this is make believe.
They tell me it will all be fine,
They tell me there's no need to cry.

My heart is pounding,
My knees feel weak...
Dizzy mind,
No words to speak.

Can I chose a different door?
I'm not ready for this new war.
"Don't be scared" she says with a smile,
but my feet want to run for miles and miles.

Away from this place,
Away from this fate,
Away from this future,
Away from this day.

Please take me away, I'm not ready at all.
Please hold me mom, let me be small.
Take me back to those simple days...
When the darkness was so far away.
When fireflies were the disguise,
From all of the pain and all of the lies.

When ignorance was truly bliss,
Tucked in a dream, sealed with your kiss.
Upon my head, safe and sound.
And life was just a merry go-round.

How could it all come to this?
We missed the point, we missed the hints.

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~ Words cannot take away the pain of losing someone you love, but they can help you to make sense of it all.  In loving memory of our mother Margaret ~


  1. So much pain in your poem, which was not present when I took this photo after your birth. It is to all those with pain like this, experienced in too many relationships and families, that I have dedicated the rest of my life to in lessening it for others. I would ask for your help in carrying this out. With love, Dad

  2. Very nice post, I certainly adore this website, keep on it.

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