Water Makes You Feel Alive!


Remember as a child how much more exciting playtime was when the water table was set up?  It was no contest to the macaroni and sand table.  No matter what you throw into water it does not change. Imagine if our skin was as tough as water?  Like the saying, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  But if we could be as tough as water than nothing could ever break us.

You know when you take that first plunge into liquid abyss…whether it be the ocean, a lake, a river, a pool, or bubble bath…suddenly the moment transforms.  It’s truly exhilarating; water makes you feel alive!


Now you are at a baseball game…the stands are full, the game is in full swing, and just as you settle in with your hotdog and large soda, it starts to down pour.  Everyone erupts in commotion, rustling around for coverage, woman trying to preserve their hairdos like it will never take shape again.  But look again, deeper this time, and you will see a moment transformed to magic.  You are now communicating with the strangers that previously surrounded you.  Gone is the small talk…people are now making eye contact, offering shelter, and laughing at the unpredictable nature of the heavens.  And then…the sea of umbrellas! The whole moment becomes memorable, beautiful.

How about a sunset?  The sun is magnificent as is, but who can deny the power of an ocean view sunset.  Obviously the sun sets everyday, but when you are landlocked it typically fades behind a mountain, field, or building as people remain preoccupied by whatever activity they were engaged in.

FullSizeRender (4)

At the beach though, there is a different story…

When the sun sets or rises over the ocean, you will see hundreds of other people doing the same thing, together; taking a few moments from their day to stop and appreciate those brilliant rays of light cascading over the ocean.  Lovers are standing hand in hand while parents stroll along slowly, capturing pictures of their children in the sand.  People can feel the moment, feel the warmth and love around them, and time stands still.


My point is that water is therapeutic.  It is essential for life and has many other powers than just helping your grass grow and replenishing your body after a sweaty workout session.  Water washes away dirt and purifies your soul.  It is like truth and leaves you at peace, and peace to me is the ultimate state of mind.

In the essence of water, try to bring more truth to your life.  Whether you need clarity from a past or current conflict, need to take back words you did not mean to say, or just want to cliff jump for the first time…speak your truth, so you can be at peace like the water.


Peace, love, H2O,


P.S. Happy Earth Day!


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