Beautifully Tragic Footsteps


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Footprints of tragedy can be found in the most beautiful of places…

The way a fire can strip a mountain of its magic and splendor.

The way an earthquake forces a city skyline to surrender.

The way people rob the ocean of its life and vitality,

The way the ocean fights back with waves of brutality.

The way love is robbed from a broken home.

The way blood is lost from a shattered bone.

But the one thing that twists my mind to this day,

Is when people show up in an in-human way.

With mysterious strength amidst pain and loss,

Our feet move on in the fresh new moss.

And even if our souls are weak,

We find a way to use our voices and speak.

And despite a small or fearful soul,

Our feet find purpose and embrace this new role.

These beautifully tragic footsteps,

I’ll trust you forever,

Because I know I’m blessed.

* * *

Intuition is our compass for the footprints we lay,

Motivation is the force that will pave the way.

My feet know the best that reaching a dream,

Is better when done with the strength of a team.

And whatever motivation means to you,

Whether it’s pain or happiness,

Or running when the sky is not blue.

Remember to have faith in the rhythm of your feet,

As your stride keeps you striving,

And your heart lays the beat.

You can call me an optimist,

But what I like to believe,

Is the peace that will heal,

When humanity sees all that it can achieve.

And as I open my heart,

To train in my mind,

I find my feet running to a place

That brings tears to my eyes.

But these beautiful footprints I follow,

Have climbed over tragedy and sorrow.

These beautifully tragic footsteps,

I’ll trust you forever,

Because I know I’m blessed.


Peace, love, running.


*Photo above was taken on a once upon a time run in the valley of San Bernardino County


  1. Your poem touches the heart and strengthens the soul.

  2. I couldn’t resist commenting

  3. I really like your writing style, good info , thanks for posting : D.

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